Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Very Special Cat

Since turning up from nowhere about 3 years ago, Spooky has adopted me as his constant companion. He started by being a regular visitor to the barn, getting fed alongside the other farm cat Twinkle, but refused to ever come in the house, despite his immaculately groomed fur and excellent manners, he maintained that he was an outdoors cat.

He watched with interest while the soap cabin was built, and graciously offered to repel any opportunist mice and rats.
So, in the morning he appears magically in the barn to receive his wages as a farm cat (a third of a tin of cat food). He follows me around while I feed, water, and milk the goats, waiting eagerly for a little saucer of warm milk straight from the goat. He somehow manages to purr and drink at the same time.  He then finds a comfy corner to sleep away the day until tea time, when he resumes following me around outside, sometimes even following me up to the top fields to check the goats. This is what he was doing in the photo, not even turning back when it began to rain...

Spooky has lately begun to come into the house – getting on famously with Coco the dog, so in the evening he gets his supper on the kitchen windowsill, and curls up in front of the fire for a few hours. He insists on going out at night – he knows how to open the latches on the windows, which is a bit of a nuisance when I get up to a freezing cold house in the winter because as yet he hasn’t learnt to close the window after himself.
He has never once tried to steal my cocoa, or knock the milk over, like certain other cats on the farm, and I love him to bits.

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